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Hombres Videopoetry Award: SHORTLIST

Videopoetry award_Shortlist

After  receiving 1371 applications from all over the world and a LONGLIST selection, we’re glad to announce the short list of Hombres Videopoetry Award.  We still remember the contest had to develop the following theme:

“Images, perspectives and ideas about the suburb of the future. It can be also a part of an old village contest that has to maintain a well-defined identity. The concept of old village can go separately from historical, temporal and geographic aspects”.


SHORT selection:

– Smile by Furkan Ruşen (Turkey)
– Disconnected by Atypical Lens (Germany)
– The Funambulist Dream by Ines von Bonhorst and Yuri Pirondi (Italy)
– P-Home 123 by Tiernan Williams (Ireland)
– Forever by Pierre Kornev (Norway)
– I Saw Dead in My Dream by Ece kınacı (Turkey)
– Small Town by Antonio Fasulo (Italy)
– The Names of Trees by Pamela Falkenberg (USA)
– For those who don’t know chocolate by Paul Broderick (USA)
– The moon and Calanchi’s by Piero Oronzo (Italy)

Hombres Videopoetry  Interview:

The screening and the announcement of the contest winners will take place during the final evening (after the second week of July) at Carsoli (Italy).

Thanks a lot to all the other participants and see you next year!

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