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Hombres Videopoetry Award: LONGLIST

Videopoetry award_1The contest received 1371 applications from all over the world, so the Staff decided to select twenty video for a LongList. We remember the contest had to develop the following theme:

“Images, perspectives and ideas about the suburb of the future. It can be also a part of an old village contest that has to maintain a well-defined identity. The concept of old village can go separately from historical, temporal and geographic aspects”.


LONGLIST selection:

– Communion by Patience Nitumwesiga (Uganda)
– Smile by Furkan Ruşen (Turkey)
– A note to myself by Vivek Jain (India)
– Disconnected by Atypical Lens (Germany)
– Cousins of clouds by Romain Clares (France)
– Laerte Mira by Maria Catalano (Italy)
– The Funambulist Dream by Ines von Bonhorst and Yuri Pirondi (Italy)
– P-Home 123 by Tiernan Williams (Ireland)
– Mistif by Karanja Ngendo (Kenya)
– Tu sei la mia speranza by Lorenzo Manisco (Italy)
– Inside Out by Eshank Modi (India)
– Without Home by Jefrey Lewis Jr. (USA)
– Forever by Pierre Kornev (Norway)
– I Saw Dead in My Dream by Ece kınacı (Turkey)
– Small Town by Antonio Fasulo (Italy)
– The Names of Trees by Pamela Falkenberg (USA)
– Refugee Blues by Stephan Bookas (France)
– Dynamite by Leila Jarman (USA)
– For those who don’t know chocolate by Paul Broderick (USA)
– The moon and Calanchi’s by Piero Oronzo (Italy)

Hombres Videopoetry LONGLIST Interview:

The ShortList (ten videos) will be made public on this web site and in social networks on June 10, 2019 while the screening and the announcement of the contest winners will take place during the final evening (after the second week of July) at Carsoli (Italy).

Thanks a lot to all the other participants!

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